We make learning enjoyable and fully integrated.

Recreation  Education  Complex



The Recreation Education Complex and the staff therein will facilitate and foster the integrated personal growth of everyone involved in the facility.  The facility will prioritize safety above all else.  Additionally, the facility will be built around pillars of respect for oneself and others, welcoming and acceptance of individual differences, full inclusion, and integration.  Further, the facility will incorporate positive programming for sports, socialization, and education into making well rounded, happy, and healthy members.


We will be building a team that is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in themselves, as well as fostering that in all around them.  All staff members will be fully background checked, by both state and federal data bases, so that parents can be assured of the safety of their most precious treasure.  The staff will be licensed in the area of their expertise, with emphasis on continuing education and improvement in their own skill sets.  Learning never stops and is definitely a life long process.  Striving to be our best will never end.