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Recreation  Education  Complex



Welcome, Parents and Schools!

Have you been wondering what is available for Day-Hab services and/or prevocational training for your special needs student or graduate?  Then please give Recreation Education Complex a call!  Caring professionals will integrate established IEPs with real life applications, address PCPs, and/or devise a unique plan to help your special needs student/adult reach their goal.


We have a team of caring and talented professionals, each with loads of experience.  We serve the breadth of school aged children, mainstream individuals, CLASS/HCS/TxHmL/ICF waiver programs, as well as those that want to enroll as cash pay.  We offer a wide range of therapies...sensory, fine motor, gross motor, art, behavioral, social skills, music, counseling, transition services, day-hab, job skills training, and behavior management plans.  


Encourage your special needs loved one to effectively reach out and interact with confidence at the Recreation Education Complex!


We're here as a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit to help.